Thursday, February 4, 2016

Water Ionizer Reviews : Best 3 Ionizers for 2016

Make your own pure healthy alkaline drinking water

If you’ve compared any of the latest water ionizer reviews recently these are the ionizer companies that always seem to filter (pun intended) to the top:

1. PurePro Water Ionizer
2. Jupiter Ionizer
3. Enagic’s “Kangen Water” Ionizer”

Even most non-vendor affiliated review sites seem to elevate the above companies as the standard in alkaline water machine companies. The following ionizer reviews should hold true through early 2015 since these top companies have just recently upgraded their existing ionizer systems. Please add your comments so we can all benefit from your experience.

#1 PurePro USA Water Ionizers:

PurePro USA’s water ionizer machine JA-703 is really hot right now. Let’s just put it this way, if you needed a kidney dialysis machine, PurePro’s latest filters would about meet medical standards. They’ve added new improvements from top to bottom.

That left PurePro’s little brother (JA-503) who was already ranked regularly at or near the top for most water ionizer comparison studies a distant second. The new 7 plate water ionizer JA-703 has dwarfed it along with about every other competing ionizer system.

Take a look at the plates, power system, adaptability to various source waters, support, warranty PLUS THIS HOT BONUS… PurePro Water Ionizer JA-503

#2 Jupiter Water Ionizers:

Jupiter’s flagship alkaline water machines are the Aquarius and Orion. So that we are fair, understand that you’re not comparing apples with apples when you compare Jupiter ionizer with Tyent’s. Much like comparing a Mercedez LS to a Toyota Camry, both are quality vehicles but only one will probably make your neighbors gather around and ask your permission to touch it.

Having said that Jupiter has recently (as of October 2015) in both the Aquarius and Orion models automatically adjust to the source waters PH level. Something that only Tyent seemed to care about.

#3 Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers:

Enagic is the Japan based corporation that produces the ever popular “Kangen water”. I think its important to know that Enagic is spurred on by teams of multi-level marketing (MLM) representatives (commission driven sales people) across the U.S. Nothing wrong with that of course.
But, Enagic makes bold claims and tends to maintain exclusivity with the type of water their alkaline water ionizers generate. There’s a lot of claims with this Kangen water. And even a few reviews talk candidly about Enagics potential water ionizer scam. Especially some of the exclusivity claims that are made.

Pure-Pro Water Ionizer JA-703 PurePro USA Water Ionizer JA503, JA-103, JA-303, JA-2000


If you are looking to improve your health by drinking reduced water from an ionizer that is not all that you should do. Ionized water works well with an alkaline diet high in fruits and vegetables. In addition juicing is also a great way to to improve your health. The healthiest foods in nature for humans are alkaline and simply improving your drinking water is just the start. Learn more about a healthy alkaline lifestyle and make sure that any ionizer you purchase comes with the peace of mind ofbawell ionizers forever lifetime warranty.

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